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Running Hit Miss John Deere Freezer

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I was just informed that John Hisaw passed away on October 22nd in a trucking accident.  As you can see below he was an avid John Deere and 20 quart White Mountain restorer.  You can also see in the pictures below that he brought happiness to others.
20 quart white mountain

White Mountain

hand cranked ice cream churn

By John

hand cranked ice cream freezer

20 Quart

amish ice cream hit miss


amish ice cream

Good Recipe!

20 quart white mountain

Is it done yet?

From A JD elevator.


Great Looking!

amish clutch


KD 720

I am going to find some wheels like these!

John Deere 6 HP

John making

Ice cream with

steam engine

Country FreezerThe pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.

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