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             For hit and miss engine enthusiasts, ice cream lovers, and venders.

Running Hit Miss John Deere Freezer

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       Always looking for antique White Mountain© 10 quart and larger parts and freezers ice cream freezers (not smaller than 8 quart)

We purchase White Mountain 5 gallon/20 quart. ice cream freezers and parts.

Call Tom @ 336.984.2885

White Mountain 20 quart churn NOS flywheel for sale


NOS flywheel for 20 quart White Mountain $145  Includes shipping.

Wanted 40 Quart

We are looking for parts and information on  40 Quart White Mountain.  If you have one/parts you want to sell please contact me.

For Sale   

 Doctor's Buggy  $1800

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Electric White Mountain For Sale SOLD




We also have one of these early 20 quart machines.


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  Call Tom 336.984.2885






How much salt? 1 to 5

Pulley size? see link

How long? first batch about 35 minutes then about 20 minutes.

Where to get mix? Pet dairy 14% butterfat.

Maintenance? Not much.


Country Freezer

Country Freezer

20 quart Country Freezer